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NewStart Financial is a financial advisory firm dedicated to helping you successfully manage your financial planning needs. We believe good financial advice is key to building and protecting wealth. Our mission is to provide well-researched, clear and straightforward advice that helps you maximise wealth, minimise risk, and reach your financial goals.

Financial Planning and Investment Solutions

Our Role



Provide expert support, whenever you require it, that helps you achieve your financial goals.



Stay up to date with the latest economic, legislative and market changes and make required adjustments to your portfolio.



Keep you updated, informed and comfortable with the direction of your portfolio and discuss recommended changes.



Help you make informed decisions by providing resources, newsletters, economic updates, and financial education.



Regularly analyse the progress of your portfolio, review changes to your situation, and recommend adjustments.

Knowledge You Can Trust

Wayne Collis is a certified financial planner with almost 30 years’ experience as a financial adviser helping people make the most of their assets.

During this time Wayne has worked in a variety of advisory and managerial roles in financial planning and wealth management specialising in structural, strategic, insurance and investment advice for self-managed super fund and trust clients

Wayne holds a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University and is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Wayne works hard to deliver solutions that create, grow and protect your wealth. Whether you want to minimise tax, make your income work harder, establish a SMSF or plan for retirement, he provides effective strategies and advice you can trust.

Delivering Value to Every Client

We guide you towards good financial decisions, helping to secure your wealth and expand your future, with a focus on respect, protection, and reward.

Our Investment Approach (CARE)


NewStart Financial secures your financial future by balancing investments using the CARE investment philosophy. CARE encourages smart investor behaviour and more informed decisions to minimise losses and maximise returns. The key to the CARE philosophy is diversification, which balances risk and reward by dividing investments into four key areas – Core investments, Active investments, Reserves, and Enhanced returns.

Fundamental to the CARE philosophy is the DALBAR study, which highlighted the impact of investment behaviour on investment returns. The study focused on the long-term performance of the top 500 US-listed companies between 1980 and 2000, revealing the average company return was 8% higher than the average return for investors. This difference was attributed to poor investor behaviour (such as panic selling after markets had fallen or rushing in after markets had risen), which adversely affected investor returns.

Whatever your financial situation, we can offer you tailored financial planning and investment expertise and services.

Investing for Today and for the Future

We provide you with investment strategies that help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

These strategies leverage an understanding of your current financial position, your objectives, and your attitude to investment risk to ensure the best match between you and your investment strategy.

Protecting You, Your Family and Your Business

Protecting your wealth, lifestyle, and business is as important as building it. You need to ask yourself the hard 'what if?' questions. ​

We have access to a range of fully researched insurance products that balance protection with value for money and peace of mind.

Managing Your Business Succession

Your business is important to you. It is one of your most valuable assets. ​

But what happens if something happens to you or one of the partners in your business? Succession planning protects your business from the unexpected, ensuring your wealth remains protected.

Shaping Your Retirement Starts Today

You need to plan ahead for your retirement. ​

The right plan helps ensure that your golden years are more than comfortable – they should be enjoyable as well.​​ ​

We provide you with tax-effective ways to maximise your retirement assets and future income.

Effective Estate Planning Is More Than Just a Will

Estate planning is more than just deciding upon the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries. ​

Our approach considers the best way to manage those assets, how to achieve the best tax efficiency, and the protection of your estate.

Understanding Government Benefits

You've paid your taxes, so, when the time comes, you should receive everything you're entitled to.

Our knowledge of social security legislation helps you to maximise your benefits and get the most out of your existing investments.

Making the Most of Retrenchment and Redundancy

Redundancy and retrenchment are often unexpected. We can help you achieve the best financial outcome. ​

We advise you on how best to receive your payout and achieve the best tax outcome. When you get to your next job, your adviser will help you to make the most of your remuneration package.

What Your Adviser Can Do For You

In the words of Warren Buffett, "Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago".  ​​

Financial advice makes it easier for you to be who you want and live the lifestyle you aspire to.

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